How do I use thick oils?

How do I use thick oils?

All essential oils have a different texture, some are very liquid, almost like water, and easily pourable through the dropper. 

But some can be quite viscous, with the appearance of a thick syrup or honey and sometimes even quite hard. In our range, this is the case for vetiver and myrrh essential oils. So you will not be able to simply pour them using the dropper which is fitted on the bottle.

And this makes them a bit more challenging to use. So here is a little step by step help:

1. remove the dropper insert but DO NOT TRY TO POUR DIRECTLY from the bottle as shown on the picture below as you won't be able to control the quantity your are pouring. 


2. Use instead a toothpick, a chopstick or a skewer to control the flow out of the bottle. 

5. If the oil is still too solid to pour that way - and this will often be the case if the bottle is left open or if it is cold - Myrrh oil in particular tends to get quite hard. In that case, you will need to warm the oil 'bain marie' style or by just leaving the bottle on a warm radiator. But DO NOT TRY TO HEAT IN A MICROWAVE OR WITH A DIRECT CONTACT TO A FLAME. 

- below in a bath of warm water (with the bottle in direct or indirect contact with the water) 

- on top of a warm radiator

Note that if you use vetiver, myrrh or other thick oils  regularly, you can dilute them at 50/50 in carrier/vegetable oil such as jojoba oil, making it easier to pour even through a dropper.


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Good evening,

I bought some of your Lavender oil, while the oil is perfectly fine, trying to open the container/bottle was a massive problem.
The instructions are to press down and turn but because there is no grip on the lid/top it was practically impossible to open. I had to resort to winding a rubber band around the top in order to get it to open
Maybe you could check this out to ensure it is not happening with other bottle.



Jeanette Cummins

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