Recipes for Stress and Anxiety

Recipes for Stress and Anxiety

Our Don't Stress Gift Set contains three essential oils that can help prevent stress and anxiety and support relaxation and positive thinking.

  • Patchouli Essential Oil
  • Bergamot Essential Oil
  • Organic Petitgrain Essential Oil

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Here is how you can use these oils in easy to make recipes.


First, create your blend of essential oils

You can use these three oils separately/individually, but for a more wholesome experience, here is an example of blend you can create with them : 6 drops Bergamot + 1 drop Petitgrain + 1 drop Patchouli. Remember that 1ml is about 20-25 drops of oil, so in this instance, multiply the proportion by 3 to create 1ml of blend.

We recommend blending these oils in a small glass before adding to the final recipe, but you can add directly also.

Hand Scrub

In a small jar, mix 15ml Coconut Oil, 15ml Jojoba Oil and 20 drops of essential oils. Add 30gr sugar and mix again until you have a consistent texture. Massage your hands gently with the scrub, rinse well and enjoy the relaxing scent.

Room Mist

In a spray bottle, dilute 20-30 drops of essential oils in 2tbsp (30ml) pure alcohol and Itsp (5ml) water. Diffuse around you or spray on your wrists when you feel anxious.

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