Bug Spray

Bug Spray

Many living plants have developed the ability to either attracts insects (think flowers and pollinators) or to repel them. And the essential oil is more often than not responsible for these powers. 
So one of the interesting use of essential oils is to create a spray to keep away some of these crawling or flying bugs!


  • 20-30 drops of Essential Oils 
  • 1 large tbsp alcohol (facultative, you can use water only but you will have to shake the bottle before each use as oils won't dissolve in water)
  • 1tsp water (alternatively use 20ml of vodka). 

Tools & accessories

  • small glass bottle with cap to mix the essential oils
  • measuring spoons/cups
  • 30ml spray bottle 

Step by step instructions

  1. Create your mixture of essential oils
    1. for mosquitos: lemongrass, citronella, geranium, lemon, peppermint, lavender, tea tree
    2. for mites and moths: cedar, patchouli, lavender, geranium, tea tree, clove, eucalyptus, vetiver 
  2. Pour 1tbsp of alcohol in your small spray bottle
  3. Add the 20-30 drops of essential oil and mix well.
  4. Add 1tsp of water

    Et Voila!

    To apply:
    • Mosquito spray: apply to clothes and/or arms, legs and neck
    • Mites, Fleas, Moths:  spray on piece of cloth and place in target area. You can double the quantity of oil for a more intense effect but do not apply on your skin if you do so.


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