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Gift Set - 3 Roll Ons

Gift Set - 3 Roll Ons

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Great companions when you are on the go, our roll ons are all made with a base of organic jojoba oil - a nourishing oil for the skin - and a combination of essential oils. 

This set of three pulse point roll ons come with 10% off and complement each other for a perfectly balanced day:

Roll-On & Don't Stress incorporates four essential oils that are great to keep you relaxed and in a positive mood: patchouli, petitgrain (made from the leaf of citrus trees), bergamot and lemongrass. 

Roll-On & Sleep Well incorporates three essential oils that are great to keep you calm and prepare you for a good night sleep: lavender, green mandarin and chamomile. 

Roll-On & Wake Up incorporates three essential oils that are great to keep you alert, focused and in a good mood: peppermint, rosemary and bergamot. 

Each Roll On size is 10ML, 100% natural and >90% organic


Directions: These roll ons can be applied to your pulse points - wrists, temples, base of the neck or behind the ears - when feeling tired and in need of an energy boost (Wake Up), before going to bed for a restful night (Sleep Well) or when feeling anxious or stressed (Don't Stress) 

Caution: For external use only. Stop using if you experience a reaction. Please consult your doctor if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or under medical supervision. Not suitable for young children. 





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