Spa Experience Recipe With Essential Oils

Spa Experience

This is one the easiest ways of using essential oils and creating a 'spa' like experience at home. Although we are not specifying here any specific blends of essential oils*, some of our favourites in the morning to wake us up are lemon, rosemary and peppermint oils.

*you can read the blog post on Blending your Oils 101 to get tips on creating your own scent)



Tools & accessories

  • sponge or small piece of cotton cloth 

Step by step instructions

  1. Turn the shower on and wait until the water gets hot and steamy
  2. In the meantime, apply 5-10 drops of essential oils onto your sponge or piece of cloth
  3. Put the sponge in contact with hot water and keep at waist level or drop on the floor to enjoy your spa experience

Et Voila!


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