Irish Tatler Wellness & Spa Awards | April 2022

Irish Tatler Wellness & Spa Awards | April 2022

We were so honoured to receive the 2022 ‘best at-home wellbeing’ brand award from Irish Tatler. This prize was handed over at the Wellness and Spa Awards ceremony on the 25th of April 2022.

 On a personal level, it had been a while since i last participated to a social event and it was brilliant to reconnect with all the other Irish brand actors in our field and meet new people as well. I have missed that, we can’t replace human, face to face connections. 🌱 

But this award was meaningful to us also because one of our goals with The Nature of Things was to encourage people to create their own wellness and spa/personal care rituals at home, using very simple tools and natural ingredients. It is a fun thing to do and one of the ways we can live more sustainably, using less packaging and wasting less. So thank you thank you @irishtatler for the support 🤗 and encouragement!


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